The All-Encompassing Meaning of “Risk” — Acknowledging Protection Beyond Physical Barriers

It’s no secret that threats often begin in the cyber domain and swiftly move over into the physical. However, connecting the two worlds has yet to be a standard in the protection industry. Today’s threats are too severe to solve with guards, gates, and guns — the domestic and global threat landscape demands a holistic approach.

Robert Dodge is the Chief Executive Officer of Prosegur Global Risk, a key business unit of the world’s third-largest security company. He leads the team that advises some of the largest organizations around the world on risk mitigation and security strategies, advising companies on the critical need to connect what happens online with what’s on the ground. Prior, he was Global President of the Corporate Risk Services Division at G4S and International Senior Vice President at Pinkerton.

In this episode, Robert and host Fred Burton discuss:

  • The most challenging global environments to manage risk
  • The evolution of risk management and its link between cyber and physical domains
  • Why risk encompasses more than security
  • Advice for others seeking risk management, intelligence-led roles