The Art of Turning Information into Intelligence

Straight from the floor of GSX 2022, George Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Exlog Global, joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss why approaching intelligence as an art versus a science is a plan for success.

Surprises are never met with open arms in the world of a security professional. Scenarios – both good and bad – are played out over and over again so nothing can catch them off guard. In the words of George Taylor, former Marine Corps Sniper turned global risk consultant, “prevention always beats reaction.”

Knowing how to interpret, contextualize and communicate the information around us is crucial to preventing any unwanted surprises; however, often it’s shared without factoring in who is on the receiving end. As Chief Operating Officer at Exlog Global, George helps clients recognize negative trends earlier so they can mitigate harm to people and assets. He speaks with host Chuck Randolph on the importance of understanding an organization’s culture and risk tolerance before delivering any advice, and why information is not intelligence until it’s communicated effectively — making it both an art and a science.


George is responsible for the alignment of Exlog business operations and worldwide capabilities. His expertise spans from high-risk environments to the boardroom providing time-sensitive critical solutions and global risk programs that increase readiness, profitability and make people and organizations more resilient. He is a retired Marine, having held leadership positions in 1st Force Reconnaissance Company as well as Chief, Special Missions Branch, Special Operations Training Group.