The CCI Debrief — An Unfiltered Conversation on Today’s Security Landscape

Hosts Fred Burton, Chuck Randolph, and Dr. Marisa Randazzo, Ph.D. unpack recent discussions they’ve had on the Protective Intelligence Podcast and what they are seeing in the world of security. Enjoy an unfiltered conversation of their observations and invaluable insights from the past few weeks.

Key topics of this discussion include:

  • Women’s History Month: They discuss the all-female podcast guests hosted last month, celebrating the achievements and contributions of Dr. Charity Dean, Cheryl Dick, Wendy Bashnan, and Anna Lepingwell in the security space.
  • The Biotech Frontier: Listen in as the hosts discuss the world of biosecurity, highlighting parts of the recent episode with Dr. Charity Dean to understand its critical role in today’s global landscape.
  • Dissect Global Security Strategy: Hear insights from Anna Lepingwell’s conversation on her extensive experience and knowledge of navigating global security challenges.
  • Havana Syndrome: A recent 60 Minutes report suggested possible sonic or directed energy weapon attacks first reported by US Embassy staff in Cuba in 2016. The debrief explores this dilemma through the lens of international diplomacy and national security and shares the next steps in investigating Havana Syndrome.
  • Sonic Wave Attacks: On the same note, the hosts dive into the recent attacks on American diplomats. They discuss the potential implications for US-Russia relations.

Stay tuned for the next CCI debrief, and contact us at podcast@ontic.co if there are any questions or topics you would like the team to address.