The Creation of the First 24×7 Global Watch Operations Center with Bruce McIndoe

In this interview series, we spotlight leaders recognized in the Protective Intelligence Honors who have had a lasting impact on the security world as we know it. It is our hope that their insights on leadership and the timeless practice of security and protection will inspire you in your own efforts.

The year 1999 was pivotal for many — the creation of the Internet opened up a new frontier of information, with the ability to gather data from a variety of sources. In security, the ability to gather data around the people and assets you’re in charge of protecting is instrumental to success — not only during normal business hours, but around the clock. Protection never rests.

Bruce McIndoe, President, McIndoe Risk Advisory LLC, identified this need and led the creation of the first 24×7 Global Watch Operations Center at iJET International, Inc. shortly after the Internet boom. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing — in his conversation with Fred he shares failures he learned from, things he would do differently, and his motto that keeps him going. He also shares the biggest changes he expects to see in the physical security space and unstoppable trends in protection that we cannot ignore.