The Intersection of Privacy, Compliance, and Security — Why a Unified Front Minimizes Risk

Karen Moore, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer at Unisys, is responsible for the design and implementation of Unisys’ global compliance program and is charged with oversight of its cross-functional privacy program. She reports to the General Counsel and the Board Audit & Finance and Security & Risk Committees.

When individuals with malicious intent have access to confidential data, the potential for damage extends far beyond unauthorized disclosure of personal information. It can threaten an organization’s ability to operate, its reputation, its financial status, as well as the physical safety of its employees and facilities. Karen Moore, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer at Unisys, knows the risks of data privacy and information security all too well. But she also knows and shares ways to foster internal partnerships, communication, and collaboration to help prevent this from happening. By managing data holistically and working outside of traditional roles (privacy or company systems), she explains how companies can more clearly understand implications for corporate security and collaborate effectively to minimize risk.

Moore also talks about her career to date. It wasn’t an overnight journey or a direct route that brought her to this work. Moore discusses with host Dr. Marisa Randazzo how an early job working for a law firm in Moscow eventually led her to where she is today. Her career path helps to illustrate that a career in security can come about through non-security positions and demonstrates that you don’t need to have all the pieces figured out before you start. Sometimes some of the most exciting career decisions occur with a bit of reluctance.