Honoring Those Who Served — Spotlighting Veterans on the Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast 

As we take time to celebrate the Veterans who have served and currently serve our country, it’s important to remember the unwavering thread that unites all branches of service— the commitment to protect. This same commitment has helped fuel successful security careers and build skillsets in ways that extend beyond protection — from putting others first to being comfortable with discomfort to moving forward and finding a new approach. 

Chuck Randolph, Chief Security Officer at Ontic and former Infantry and Information Operations Officer in the US Army, shares a selection of clips that feature guests on our series who have served in the military and use those experiences to influence successful security careers in corporations, family offices, and other environments in the private sector.

To hear more from the guests featured in this special round-up episode, check out their full recordings here:

The Art of Turning Information into Intelligence (George Taylor, President – Exlog Global)

Running Towards Fire — How to Mitigate Threats for Journalists in High-Risk Areas (Matt Bohatch, Director of Global Corporate Security and Site Operations for The Washington Post)

What it Takes to Detect Insider Threats from Ford Motor Company’s Senior Analyst (Dave Holder, Senior Analyst, Insider Threat Program at Ford Motor Company)

How Security Teams Enable Decision-Making in Times of Crisis (Major General Richard Lake, Former CSO of Booz Allen Hamilton and the Melinda and Richard Gates Foundation)

Former Marine Infantry Officer Shares Why Strategic Assessments Precede Tactical Mitigation (Jack Stradley, Founder and CEO of Exlog Global)

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