How to Identify Those Who Pose a Threat from Those Who Make a Threat


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Threat assessors must balance the opposite errors of underestimating a potentially serious risk with overreacting to the many concerns brought forward that ultimately don't pose a risk or require a full-press security response.


In this on-demand webinar with WAVR-21, you’ll learn how to distinguish those who pose a threat from those who make a threat, including why it’s important to:

Gather Pertinent Information

Potential data sources are invaluable to understanding threats as well as the person

Understand Credible Threats

Threat assessment teams have to be aware of why someone would — and would not — carry out their threat

Plan Ahead for Intervention

Teams must decide on collection technique, conflict resolution, and monitoring strategies


Luke Quanstrom

CEO of Ontic

Dr. Stephen White

Co-developer of WAVR-21
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