Risk and Threat Assessments

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A purpose-built destination for threat assessment professionals

Ontic’s comprehensive behavioral threat assessment solutions help reduce the subjectivity in assessments so teams can better determine the level of risk for a reported incident or concerning individuals and make informed decisions to protect people, maintain business continuity and reduce financial harm.

Digitize your preferred method for risk and threat assessments

SIGMA’s Workplace Threat Assessment Module

Assessment professionals can implement a proven four-step protocol to help guide decisions around identifying incidents of concern, gathering necessary information through investigative research and interviews, assessing the level of risk and how significant or imminent it may be, and deploying appropriate actions to manage and mitigate the threat. Read more about how SIGMA is now part of Ontic.

WAVR-21 V3 Workplace Assessment
of Violence Risk

As a fully integrated component available in the Ontic Protective Intelligence Platform, assessment professionals can leverage WAVR’s automated, 21-item coded structured instrument to screen, assess, manage and act on threats to their workplaces and campuses to keep people safe. Read more about WAVR-21's Ontic integration.

Custom Guided Behavioral Risk Assessments

For assessment professionals who already leverage a preferred guided behavioral assessment, the Ontic platform supports the ability to upload current flows and forms to integrate and automate a custom assessment workflow.


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At this point the Ontic platform acts as a massive force multiplier, allowing me to track and research far more things in a shorter period of time, automating many manual processes while providing a convenient 'one-stop shop' for investigations and research.

Intelligence Advisor, Global Biotechnology Company

Workplace violence results in an estimated $250-$350 billion annual cost to businesses due to lost productivity, illness, injuries, turnover, lawsuits, absenteeism and damaged reputation.


2 million assaults and threats of violence against Americans in the workplace occur annually.


Victims of domestic violence lose nearly 8 million days of paid work per year in the U.S., resulting in a $1.8 billion loss in productivity for employers.