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Integrated research tools for security and investigation teams

Ontic’s suite of Investigative Research tools provides security teams with the most complete set of real-time and historical public records research and data — all integrated into one platform for proactive threat management, investigations and risk assessment.

Explore the most complete investigative research solution for a comprehensive view of threats

Holistic data coverage

Get real-time and historical data for a more comprehensive view of threats, including person of interest (POI) background and activities for better threat analysis and risk assessment. The combined coverage of identity, criminal activity, civil litigation, adverse media and global intelligence records provides a complete dataset to identify if a POI is involved in a legal matter.


Automated, actionable research

Optimize your team's research capabilities with integrated search tools and continuous monitoring for case updates and progress. Increase your security team's ability to uncover critical signals, view the entire threat landscape and take early action.

A connected, secure solution

The secure storage of real-time and historical data in one single location increases security team efficiencies and collaboration to help streamline research and conduct thorough, on-going investigations. By connecting data to investigation workflows and threat assessments, security teams benefit from better-informed decision-making and improved actionability.


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By leveraging technology to generate greater intelligence, physical security will also be able to do more with less, improving operating efficiency and reducing operating and capital expenses by up to 30-50%.


Ontic is by far the most dynamic platform as it relates to researching POIs, conducting investigations and general research. It brings all of these things that are traditionally housed in separate spaces into one.

Senior Manager. Fraud and Investigations, Top 50 of America's Largest Private Companies

The Ontic platform acts as a massive ‘force multiplier’ for me, allowing me to track and research far more things in a shorter period of time, automating many manual processes while providing a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ for my investigations and research.

Intelligence Advisor, Emerging Pharmaceutical Company

Operate with confidence as Ontic is SOC 2, HIPAA compliant, and configured for GDPR and CPA regulations.