A Driving Legend — Tony Scotti, Protective Intelligence Pioneer

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The following is a personal message from the Executive Director, Fred Burton, regarding Tony Scotti’s nomination as a Pioneer in the Protective Intelligence Honors Program:

In protection, regardless of the mission or assignment, your vehicle serves many purposes and driving is critical to the success of any protection officer. The driving track is also fun! Learning to operate at high-speed, ram, and crash through blocking vehicles,I have fond memories of conducting James Bond like J-turns.

Tactically speaking, the protection vehicle is an office — a follow car, a surveillance platform, a weapon to block an attack — and can also be used to escape a serious threat. A vivid example was captured on live television in 1981 when the Secret Service limousine was used by agents of the Presidential Protection Division as a shield to cover and quickly evacuate President Reagan to George Washington Hospital after John Hinckley fired six rounds in 1.7 seconds.

When you think about security driving schools, the science of driving and tactics, Tony Scotti’s name resonates loudly. Going on five decades now, Tony has perfected the art and science of driving and has trained a legion of drivers around-the-globe (40 countries, to be exact), to include police officers, security officers, special agents and elite military operators.

More than an expert and founder of the renowned International Security Driver Association, he has the character and wit that anyone would be envious of. His humble nature is reflected in his motto: “Let history speak for itself. What you do today is your history tomorrow.”

Tony continues to write, train, teach and mentor, and I’m also proud to call him a friend. Listen to our conversation about his career, motto, and where he sees the physical security industry evolving.