Emerging Technology Highlights New Converged Risks and Asymmetric Threats

Protecting high-profile individuals and events as the digital threat landscape evolves

This article was originally posted in ASIS Security Management Magazine.

The ubiquity of technology companies in daily life today puts them in the security spotlight, with increasing media attention, political scrutiny, and complex, overlapping threats.

In November 2023, after visiting with U.S. President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with titans of the U.S. business community. It was “a hot ticket for CEOs of America’s most prominent companies,” CNBC reported. It was also historic, given it had been six years since Xi’s last visit to the United States and in light of existing strains in diplomacy. The event drew the kind of media attention typically reserved for a gathering of movie stars and pop singers.

Consider the security complexities beneath the surface of these news stories and the challenges of assembling so many world leaders and billionaires in one place. So many things have changed in recent years, especially the way that digital and physical security strategies have intertwined. Executive protection and corporate security professionals now need to factor in a range of digital concerns into their planning.

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