Manage and investigate insider threats

with Ontic's insider threat management solution

Uncover potential insider threat indicators to prevent incidents

Insider security threats are difficult to detect and increasingly more damaging, so establishing insider threat mitigation strategies early on is critical. Ontic’s insider threat management solution provides the foundation for modern insider threat programs to proactively address the increasingly complex and expensive risks posed by unwitting or nefarious insider behavior.

Know how to mitigate insider threats before they occur
with real-time research and advanced investigations

Detect insider threat indicators early

Whether it’s honing in on malicious insider threat activity or identifying human error that could negatively impact the business, your team can quickly recognize and investigate threat signals to prevent incidents and also reduce harm to reputation, data loss, monetary loss or physical damage.


Act swiftly with continuous monitoring

Continuous listening across social media, the dark web, public records, court records and your organization's systems (e.g., visitor management, access control, HR portals and video management) or unusual behavior patterns so you can activate workflows and uncover additional insider threat data.

See the whole picture

Leave no stone unturned. Ontic's Platform works with your existing cyber security solutions to provide a holistic view of your entire threat landscape and foster dynamic collaboration in every aspect of investigations. Upon receiving a signal, your team can conduct comprehensive analysis and evaluation using workflows designed for your insider threat management program and integrated with research and data sources in one central place.


Ready to see Ontic's insider threat solution?

A proactive insider threat program for the
entire organization

Automated capture of internal triggers, unusual behavior or concerning activities

Standardized workflow activation based on a critical signal

Continuous monitoring of internal and external sources to surface signals

Advanced investigation
and case management

I’ve found Ontic to deliver on our expectations and then some. It has automated, organized or otherwise made our threat management program considerably more robust and agile.

Director of Threat Intelligence, Fortune 200 Technology Company

The average cost of an insider threat attack and the consequences in North America is $13.3 million



Insider threats are up 47% in the last two years.