Investigate and prevent workplace violence

with Ontic’s workplace violence

prevention solution

Manage compliance and reduce risk of incidents — proactively

Most types of workplace violence and misconduct occurrences almost always have pre-incident indicators that, if identified, can be proactively addressed to reduce risk factors and mitigate impact. Ontic’s workplace violence prevention solution leverages a secure, customizable platform for proactively managing security threats, complaints and suspicious behavior to help security teams understand how to prevent workplace violence and avoid costly legal activity.

Proactively detect, evaluate and investigate
behavior signals to prevent violence in the workplace

Recognize behavioral indicators

When someone is suddenly disruptive, hostile, disengaged or experiences a significant life change, these warning signs of workplace violence may indicate an increased risk of violent behavior. By capturing complaints, corrective actions, terminations and policy violations, your team can watch for indicators of troubling behaviors over time and monitor the big picture with public records and real-time data feeds.


Consistently document and track investigations

When a signal surfaces, your team can leverage Ontic's integrated research tools and end-to-end case management solutions to take swift action to investigate, track and analyze concerns or reports of suspicious behavior or threats of violence. Fully customizable role-based permissions and enhanced collaboration tools ensure security of sensitive data and a holistic view for those who need it.

Produce accurate, detailed reports

With fully integrated, in-house solutions to workplace violence investigation, your team can complete threat assessments and create consistent, compliant incident reports with recommended actions to address misconduct and prevent escalations. The customizable platform and workflows help ensure accuracy and ongoing analysis.


Ready to see Ontic's investigation and workplace violence solutions?

A single workplace violence assessment tool

Automated capture of unusual behavior, concerning activities or incidents

Actionable signals from internal and external systems and data sources

Security of sensitive information with customized permissions

Integrated research and
investigation tools for seamless
collaboration and communication

The loss of Ontic would be devastating to our protective intelligence program as well as our ability to manage and track our workplace violence cases moving forward.

Security Manager, Fortune 200 Technology Company

More than 2 million people are affected by
workplace violence every year.


48% of human resources professionals say there has been an incident of workplace violence at the organization.
(SHRM, 2019)