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Thought Leader

Jim Baker

Residential Security Manager / Protective Intelligence Analyst


Jim’s experience spans nearly 20 years in the private sector, law enforcement, and military service. The past 14 years he has conducted security for a high net worth (HNW) Family. The first 10 years were spent as a Senior Executive Protection Specialist conducting threat assessments and protective operations locally and throughout the world with client and corporate partners. He took an active approach in developing a protective intelligence program by identifying, assessing and mitigating threats and persons of interests. He leads the process for streamlining the entire protective intelligence program to establish effectiveness and real-time monitoring.

The last 4 years Jim has obtained the role of Residential Security Manager for the HNW Family and oversees its Protective Intelligence Program. He is responsible for all residential security operations and additional remote locations, event security and threat mitigation.

He has completed multiple specialized training courses to include but not limited to: R.L Oatman Executive Protection Training Course, Reid Advanced Interview and Interrogation, Surveillance Detection, Active Threat and Shooter Response. He holds a BA in Social and Behavioral Sciences specializing in Criminology from The Ohio State University and has eight years of service in The United States Marine Corps. He is a decorated war veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005.