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Thought Leader

Mary Hackman

Director, Global Intelligence + Global Security Operations Center


Mary Hackman is an international global security and conflict specialist with over 20 years of experience designing, leading, and managing US government and private sector analytical and security programs. She is a recognized subject matter expert on counter-violent extremism, protective intelligence, and organizing multi-stakeholder efforts toward understanding complex issues driving global insecurity and courses of action for mitigation.

Mary is a program start-up specialist, building budgets, teams, and products that meet stakeholder needs effectively. Mary trains teams on analytic techniques, product design, and risk indicators, as well as working group facilitation and effective public speaking. Her work resulted in US military and civilian agencies adopting realistic policy recommendations to increase stability and mitigate security threats in countries that include Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

She holds an MA from George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution and a double BA from Indiana University in Near Eastern Languages & Cultures and Political Science.