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Thought Leader

Richard B. Pittenger

Threat Analysis Unit, NJ Regional Operations Intelligence Center

New Jersey State Police

Richard (Rich) Pittenger, an intelligence analyst for the New Jersey State Police, has been supporting executive protection for more than 13 of his 16 years at the NJ Regional Operations & Intelligence Center, the State’s multi-agency fusion center. As a senior analyst, Rich has taken the lead on the NJ ROIC’s protective intelligence initiative, supporting dignitary protection in New Jersey and internationally. Part of that initiative is Executive Protection Issues, a monthly compilation of threats to government and corporate protectees worldwide based on open sources.

Rich also produces ad hoc reports for the executive protection community, such as Inspire Threats to US Executives (2016), Burglary Mitigation for Executives (2019), Corporate Executive Threats (2020), COVID-19 Demonstrations at State Capitals Nationwide (2020), and Guidance for Officials Receiving Threats (2021). In addition, his published writing includes: Protective Intelligence Tips for Sole Practitioners and On Threat Information Sharing within the Protection Community. Rich routinely collaborates with federal, state, and local officials to distinguish idle threats of targeted violence from actual intentions and capabilities, identifying trends and patterns to support protective operations while safeguarding constitutional rights.

Before joining the New Jersey State Police, Pittenger had 11 years of investigative assignments, including supervisory roles and international fieldwork. He is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals.