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Thought Leader

Wayman Cummings

Vice President, Security Operations

Unisys Corporation

Wayman Cummings serves as the Vice President of security overseeing all Unisys’s corporate security programs, including threat intelligence and incident response capabilities. He developed a vulnerability first approach to information threats, focusing on centralized analysis and response capabilities. As part of this, the focus is also on the objective of the attack versus the method of using cyber or physical means. Wayman actively participates in intelligence sharing programs, security round tables and podcasts to help drive a new approach to security that bridges the physical and cyber realms. Prior to joining Unisys, he served as a senior leader within a large managed security services organization and held various positions in the security field. Wayman also serves on the Inclusion and Diversity board for Unisys focusing on helping drive diversity and inclusion within the information security space by actively mentoring underserved groups. Outside of work, Wayman enjoys obstacle racing and spending time with his wife and 4 children.