For Business Resiliency, Detect Threats in Real Time

Explore the impact of COVID-19, global geopolitics, and emerging threats on business operations.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and various stages of reopenings occur, the threat landscape is dramatically expanding, which is compounded by global geopolitical issues such as the war between Russia and Ukraine. This perpetual state of volatility impacts the ways businesses operate and their ability to plan ahead to mitigate risks.

According to Ontic’s 2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report, the physical threat landscape has significantly changed and expanded in the last year, which has created an exponential increase in data and pre-incident indicators. In fact, 85% of physical security, legal, and compliance leaders anticipate the number of indicators will only grow and become unmanageable in 2022.

New information pours into businesses daily from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), social media, the Dark Web, weather feeds, technology systems, real-time news, HR systems, and public event notifications—a panoply of resources that may exist in various areas of an organization. To turn this data from chaotic disorder into useful, critical intelligence means providing a single, comprehensive view of potential threats across the business. Furthermore, being able to keep track of changing situations in real time is the difference between simply knowing a threat is there and proactively acting on it.

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Real-Time Threat Detection: Gaining Situational Awareness to Inform Action

Manish Mehta