Protect people everywhere

with Ontic's corporate security solution

Manage the safety of employees, vendors and visitors — anywhere

Ontic’s corporate security solution is a force multiplier for today’s security teams providing an all-in-one proactive software platform to address a complex threat landscape and protect people, facilities and assets — at any location.

See around corners with corporate security software

purpose-built for corporate security teams

Stay one step ahead with real-time signals

Be prepared when a threat emerges by eliminating the risk that arises when critical threat indicators live in siloed data sources and tools. Gain a comprehensive view of the emerging threat landscape and concerning behaviors with modern corporate security intelligence so you can focus on keeping people safe — everywhere.


See the whole picture

Get a holistic view of the end-to-end threat landscape with everything your corporate security team needs in one central place. The open platform seamlessly connects to integrated security solutions for real-time research and intelligence. Your team can conduct comprehensive analysis and evaluation using workflows designed for your corporate security framework and integrated with research and data sources in a single destination.

Stay connected with smart, dynamic collaboration

Leave no stone unturned with an end-to-end, integrated corporate security solution for collaboration across every aspect of the threat management journey. With flexible and mobile-enabled capabilities, your team can easily communicate and stay connected throughout investigations and across the organization.


Ready to see Ontic's corporate security solution?

Integrate real-time threat monitoring into your corporate security strategy to keep your people safe

Mobile-enabled platform with real-time alerts and collaboration

Continuous monitoring of public data and records to surface critical signals

Thorough POI profiles and one-click BOLOs

Open platform for integrating
with many sources of data
and intelligence

I’ve found Ontic to deliver on our expectations and then some. It has automated, organized or otherwise made our threat management program considerably more robust and agile.

Director of Threat Intelligence, Fortune 200 Technology Company

Ontic helps me be a half step ahead and gives me confidence in knowing our team has the right technology and strategies in place to mitigate risk and avoid crises while ensuring that we are following processes along the way.

Senior Director, Protective Services, Fortune 50 Technology Company

By leveraging technology to generate greater intelligence, physical security will also be able to do more with less, improving operating efficiency and reducing operating and capital expenses by up to 30-50%.