Behind the Scenes with an Executive Protection Pioneer: Bob Oatman’s Journey

Fred Burton had the honor of sitting down with Bob Oatman, a well-respected figure in the executive protection industry. Oatman, the president of RL Oatman & Associates, shares his remarkable journey to becoming a major in the criminal investigation division and ultimately retiring early to start an illustrious career in executive protection. He reflects on his decision to leave the police department after two decades and his journey into the private sector of protection.

From running dignitary and executive protection teams in the police department to pioneering strategies in the private sector, Bob shares insights on the changes he’s witnessed and offers foresight on the future of protection. He also opens up about his role as an author—or more accurately, the creative force behind four influential books on executive protection. This episode highlights the blend of adaptability, expertise, and vision required to excel in this demanding field.

Tune in to his conversation with Fred Burton to hear:

  • The transformative journey from law enforcement to the private sector of executive protection, detailing the challenges and opportunities encountered during this transition.
  • The evolution and future of executive protection, including strategic innovations and the impact of technological advancements in the field.
  • Bob’s contribution to the domain through authorship, focusing on how his real-world experiences and insights have been distilled into four influential books on executive protection.