The Evolution of Risk Intelligence into Corporate Strategy

On this episode, we welcome Lou Silvestris from American Family Insurance, a seasoned expert who leads the Risk Intelligence and Investigations Team in the Protective Services Division. Lou brings a wealth of experience, having proactively managed and mitigated widespread global risks and threats to the organization. His impressive background spans several multinational companies, and his experience has been pivotal in various organizations’ strategic decision-making processes. Tune in as Lou shares anecdotes from his distinguished career, discusses the evolution of risk intelligence, and the impact of technology on modern investigative practices.

Lou candidly shares his transition from federal agencies, such as the CIA and Department of Homeland Security, to the private sector. He dives into the unique challenges he faced and the lessons learned along the way. For those contemplating a similar shift, Lou offers practical advice, drawing on his deep understanding of intelligence work. He also discusses with Chuck his perspectives on current challenges within the field, actionable tips for establishing or revitalizing security programs, and a forecast for the future of intelligence and investigations.

Tune in to this episode to hear:

  • Lou’s extensive background in global risk management from both federal agencies and the private sector
  • Actionable strategies for individuals transitioning from government intelligence roles to corporate security positions
  • Current challenges in the field of intelligence and investigations and how technology helps manage and mitigate these risks