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Thought Leader

Angela Lewis

Manager, Global Intelligence and Threat Analysis

The Walt Disney Company

Angela Lewis is the Manager of the Global Intelligence and Threat Analysis Team at the Walt Disney Company, which is tasked with understanding how geopolitical events could impact The Walt Disney Company’s various lines of business, including ABC News, National Geographic, ESPN, Marvel, Pixar, Lucas Film, and so forth. Prior to joining the private sector, Lewis served as a Senior Counterterrorism Targeting Officer in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, including serving two tours abroad in Central Europe and in the Middle East. She earned her Master’s degree in International Relations with a focus in Foreign Policy from American University and double majored as an undergraduate at the University of Cincinnati, graduating with bachelor’s degrees in International Affairs and Political Science.

Angela is passionate about leadership and encouraging positive organizational culture, and she is nearing the completion of her PhD in Global Leadership from Pepperdine University; her dissertation focuses on building and leveraging intelligence teams in the private sector. When not working or studying, she’s typically cheering on her daughter on the tennis court, playing with her golden retriever, or planning her next scuba vacation.