Cyber and Physical Security Must Validate Their Value in 2023

Manish Mehta shares with IFSEC Global the importance of communication and collaboration of both physical and cyber security teams for 2023. 

This article was originally featured on IFSEC Global

For corporate security teams and their budgets, 2023 is likely to be quite challenging. An unclear economic picture and proliferating threats will put greater pressure on both physical security and cybersecurity executives to manage costs, prove their value, sustain and try to grow funding.

Historically the dilemma for both cyber and physical security teams is they are considered successful when nothing bad happens. This makes showing their value to the larger organization, or even asking for additional budget, difficult. Too often, cyber and physical security teams work in silos in a way that hampers their ability to fully benefit from each others’ expertise. Though aligned on keeping the business safe and humming, the “language of security” may not be universally understood by outside colleagues, impeding communication and buy-in from those that control the corporate pursestrings. These are just some of the reasons the full scope of their value will not be recognized or realized by an organization.

I think 2023 is the year all security executives, no matter where they reside, must change how they operate and communicate – they have the opportunity to educate their management about what they do in easily digested ways, and to prove their worth.

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