The Guide to Conducting Risk-Based Vendor Due Diligence

Due to the multitude of risks associated with conducting business with a third party, thorough due diligence when considering a new vendor is critical to protecting the resilience, compliance, and reputation of your organization. Oftentimes, compiling all the necessary data from disparate sources can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. This guide provides an easy-to-follow framework with key considerations to help teams establish a streamlined and comprehensive due diligence process.

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Download this guide to boost the effectiveness of your vendor due diligence process in three categories:

Plan for Investigative Research

Gain a deeper understanding of the context of the request to help shape your approach, determine your scope, and tailor your process

Collect Data and Report Findings

Optimize the most resource-intensive part of your investigation by ensuring you’ve covered these key areas of the data collection process

Communicate Findings

Distribute the insights you’ve uncovered to arm your organization with the information it needs to make critical business decisions