Behind the Scenes of the JonBenét Ramsey Investigation

The feeling of knowing you are being observed from afar by someone with ill intentions is unequivocally a worst-case scenario. Whether the pre-operational surveillance takes place over days, weeks or months, there are few things that can stand in the way of a true psychopath — such as the unidentified individual who murdered JonBenét Ramsey in 1996.

In this episode, Fred speaks with Bob Whitson, author of Injustice: Why JonBenét Ramsey Was Murdered By A Sadistic Psychopath – Not Her Parents. He shares why this murder case is one of the most high-profile investigations affecting a high-net-worth family in history, specifically highlighting details that most people don’t know or would never notice.

Robert Whitson, Ph.D., was a law enforcement officer for 30 years and retired from the Boulder Police Department in 2005. He spent six years obtaining his doctorate degree after he retired and studied psychopathy for his dissertation (inspired by JonBenet’s murder). He has taught criminal justice at the college level for eight years and he shares his knowledge about psychopathy and sadism in this book, Injustice.