Chuck Randolph on the Evolution of Technology in Executive Protection

It’s no secret that the nature of threats are evolving; however, the C-suite narrowing in on cyber threats leaves room for error that no company can afford. The physical side of threats is still disregarded by many leadership teams, and it will take forward thinking leaders to stay committed to using common operating information, or making sure teams are looking at data in the same way.

In this episode, Chuck and Fred discuss the convergence of technology in the executive protection space, the concept of “edge risk,” and the impact of COVID on the industry. They also cover the role of the human mind in assessing threats and the risk of over reliance on the IoT in today’s culture.

Charles (Chuck) Randolph is the Senior Director of Operations and Intelligence for AT Risk International. He leads a team whose role is to fuse and report on threat intelligence and other risk trends which affect the company. Prior to this role, Chuck was responsible for transforming the executive protective, event security and intelligence services to function beyond their traditional roles to those of strategic enablers at Microsoft. He is also a founding member of the Corporate Executive Protection Leadership Council (CEPLC) and the International Protective Security Board (IPSB).