Combating Extremism, Terrorism and Hate from Anti-Defimation League’s Oren Segal

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has over a century of experience in exposing extremism, delivering anti-bias education and fighting hate online. One of the many people at ADL that has played a key role in continuing this mission is Oren Segal who has spent the large majority of his career working with ADL’s Center on Extremism, most recently as its Vice President. The Center is recognized as the foremost authority on extremism, providing resources, expertise and training that enables law enforcement, public officials and internet and technology companies to identify and counter emerging threats.

​In this episode, Fred and Oren discuss how ADL leverages intelligence to deliver some of the most accurate (but visually alarming) information on extremist movements and hate crimes throughout the country. (see ADL H.E.A.T Map) Oren also shares trends he’s observed in the past two decades, and as of late, as well as what surprises him most as we approach the years ahead.

Oren joined ADL in 1998 after working for The New York Times and the Jewish Community Federation in San Francisco. Much of Oren’s 21 years with ADL has been devoted to evaluating the activity and tactics of extremist groups and movements from across the ideological spectrum, training law enforcement officers and publishing reports and articles on a wide range of extremist topics. In 2006, Oren was recognized by the FBI for his exceptional service in the public interest. He was named to the Forward’s list of 50 influential, intriguing and inspiring American Jews in 2019.

Check out Oren’s podcast, extremely — after listening to this one, of course.