Identifying Operational Risk to Empower a Risk-Taking Culture

In this interview series, we spotlight leaders recognized in the Protective Intelligence Honors who have had a lasting impact on the security world as we know it. It is our hope that their insights on leadership and the timeless practice of security and protection will inspire you in your own efforts.

It’s no secret that pivotal events from our youth can shape our direction as an adult. However, some follow-through at a level of precision more than others, and this is amplified when a career benefits the protection of others.

Adam Cambridge, Manager of Enterprise Risk Intelligence at MITRE, was inspired by a tragic incident in his hometown to investigate what drives people to go against human nature and perform violent acts. His career working in Army counterintelligence propelled his commitment to reduce operational risk both within military roles, and now in the private sector. In his conversation with Fred, Adam shares how he’s grown his team and identified gaps in order to better inform decision-makers on company risk and its impact to the broader organization.