Running Towards Fire — How to Mitigate Threats for Journalists in High-Risk Areas

Security professionals have increasingly demanding responsibilities in keeping people and assets safe as new threats arise and old ones loom in the periphery. When you’re charged with protecting nearly 1,000 individuals running towards action – oftentimes high-risk and in remote locations – it takes a certain type of individual to mitigate risk.

Matt Bohatch is the Director of Global Corporate Security and Site Operations for The Washington Post and faces this challenge every day. He has experience collaborating with local law enforcement, conflict management, communications, enterprise-wide security and business partnerships. Prior to his current role, he worked for Gavin de Becker and Associates and began his career as a Sergeant for the US Marine Corps.

Matt joins host Fred Burton to discuss:

  • How his decision to join the Marine Corps affected his career trajectory
  • The biggest challenges he faces and the current climate of the news industry
  • Evolving from an executive protection mindset to protecting journalists
  • Risk mitigation strategies and examples of location-specific resources