Taking Back Control of Online Reputation and Privacy

Time and time again, the attack cycle begins with pre-operational surveillance — oftentimes involving some degree of digital stalking. How can we proactively minimize risk for our executives?

In this episode, Fred Burton and Rich Matta, CEO of ReputationDefender, discuss the critical role that online reputation and privacy plays in protecting executives. Given the recent research that 71% of security leaders have experienced a dramatic increase in physical threats in the past year, there is a massive uptick in interest around controlling personal information that’s floating around on the internet. That’s where ReputationDefender comes in. Preventing access to information associated with executives (anything from a residential address to the name of a child) can be a game changer when it comes to protecting assets and minimizing risk.

Rich Matta serves as CEO of ReputationDefender, the largest and most prominent firm in the field of online reputation management and privacy. He regularly consults with high-profile individuals, executives, public figures and businesses to build positive online reputations and suppress unwelcome and defamatory information online. Early in his career, Rich spent a number of years with Deloitte Consulting, where he managed and delivered a series of strategy and technology projects in the US and Europe.

For more information, check out Rich’s company website: www.reputationdefender.com