The Future of Talent in Corporate Security with Kathy Lavinder and Rachel Briggs

In this episode, Chuck Randolph is joined by two experts in the field of corporate security: Kathy Lavinder and Rachel Briggs. Kathy Lavinder, Founder and Executive Director of Security & Investigative Placement Consultants, LLC., brings over 20 years of experience in high-level security management and talent acquisition. Rachel Briggs, a leading security expert and an Ontic Summit keynote speaker, has consulted with FTSE and Fortune 100 companies, influencing both private sector strategies and government policies.

Discover how emerging technologies like AI and Gen AI are reshaping corporate security functions, and learn about innovative talent development and retention strategies employed by successful CSOs. They also explore effective approaches for fostering diversity and inclusion within security teams, highlighting the critical skills future CSOs will need to thrive in an evolving threat landscape. Whether you’re a business professional or a security enthusiast, this episode offers valuable insights into the dynamic world of talent in corporate security and its future trajectory. 

Tune into Chuck Randolph’s conversation with Kathy and Rachel to hear about: 

  • How AI and Gen AI are transforming corporate security functions with practical examples.
  • Innovative strategies for talent acquisition, development, and retention to build robust security teams.
  • Effective methods for fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within security teams. 

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