Trust Through Transparency — MITRE’s Enterprise Security Philosophy to Being a Trusted Advisor

Being vulnerable and identifying what you don’t know sets great leaders apart from the mediocre. However, setting your ego aside and being transparent in your communication is not a standard practice among many security practitioners. Josh Massey, Department Manager of The MITRE Corporation’s Enterprise Security Assurance department, has relied on this approach during his career, and as a result, has gained the attention and credibility from senior leaders within his organization and beyond.

Josh is responsible for establishing, executing, supervising, and directing the implementation and oversight of the company’s insider threat program and strategic protection initiatives. His responsibilities span across MITRE’s six federally funded research and development centers in the fields of defense and intelligence, aviation, civil agency modernization, homeland security, healthcare, and cybersecurity. Prior to his current role, he brings more than 13 years of federal civil and military service with multi-faceted experiences in law enforcement operations, counterintelligence, executive protection, antiterrorism/force protection, and threat and intelligence analysis.

Josh joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss:

  • The reality behind convergence in the corporate security world
  • Being vulnerable and demonstrating transparency in your work
  • MITRE’s attack framework to manage risk intelligence
  • ‘Ah- ha moments’ in his career (or lack thereof!) and what risks he observes on the horizon