What Does it Mean to be Prepared? The Evolution of Emergency Readiness

Events such as 9/11 and COVID-19 have drawn great attention to the emergency preparedness equipment market. While it’s incredibly necessary to keep workforces and individuals safe, it often takes an unfortunate event to shift an organization’s approach to being prepared.

Charles Mullenger, President and CEO of Ethos Preparedness, sits down with Fred to share his philosophy on establishing a culture of preparedness and what led him to create a company focused on addressing this growing business need. No one will ever be 100% ready, but demonstrating the ‘why’ behind preparedness measures and empowering employees to take action will go a long way to instill a feeling of protection. Bonus feature — you’ll also find out what is inside Charles’ go-bag.

Ethos Preparedness was founded through Charles’ entrepreneurial pursuit to acquire a small business. With experience in management consulting, private equity investing, and military leadership, he launched an initiative to create value in a space where he could provide visionary direction. He views the emergency readiness market as a unique and impactful opportunity to build a brand that creates specialty equipment and supplies along with thoughtful content and engagement. Charles is a former Captain in the U.S. Army, a West Point graduate, and a University of Chicago Booth MBA.