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What Happens When You Take On the Cases That Everyone Avoids

With a knack for problem solving and an unwavering willingness to tackle some of the most challenging and emotionally demanding assignments, success isn’t always guaranteed. However, for Katie Hall, these qualities have defined her career as a trusted investigator and executive protection professional.

Hall is a retired law enforcement officer with 21 years of experience first working patrol, then as a detective, followed by digital forensics. She specialized in investigations into child exploitation and served on the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Hall also has private sector experience in executive protection and overseeing background investigations, intelligence investigations, and risk and crisis management.

Key topics of Hall’s discussion with host Dr. Marisa Randazzo include:

  • How her aspirations of being a game warden evolved into her career today overseeing security for an executive office conducting background investigations, intelligence, investigations, and risk and crisis management.
  • Why she felt fulfilled by cases that were most difficult to assess and how she built her resume by saying ‘yes’ to the cases no one else wanted to take on.
  • Why law enforcement experience translates effectively into private sector investigative work and skills you need to adapt.