When Dogs are More Than Pets — Tactical K9 Service Dog Training from Devine K9s Founder

Dogs have been the greatest security asset since the need for protection was deemed necessary. Having the ability to detect the slightest sounds to something as monumental as identifying an IED beneath the surface, the bark from a dog is one of the most powerful signals for trouble ahead.

John Devine is the Founder, Lead Trainer and CEO of Devine K9s, an organization committed to training K9s in a variety of functions — from general obedience to tactical service dog training. In his discussion with Fred, he shares how he first learned of SEAL TEAM service dogs during his time in service, the top three K9 breeds for security, and how he selects and trains dogs before they’re paired with their owner. Just when you thought John couldn’t get more impressive, he rounds out the podcast by sharing information on his charity, Rescue 22 Foundation, which provides fully task-trained service dogs to veterans.

John Devine cut his dog training teeth training and deploying with K9s in the SEAL TEAMS. After 10 years as a Navy SEAL, he started his business as a renowned trainer in behavior modification, obedience, scent detection, tactical K9 consulting and service dog training.