Where to Start When Building a School Safety Plan

If it’s not front of mind, time and time again security measures get pushed aside until an unfortunate event surfaces. What surprises many is that the infrastructure is there for measured risk mitigation practices to occur. It comes down to the small group that all eyes are watching — the leadership team.

Creating this unified front is no easy task as it just takes one negligent individual to set things off path. But that’s where Kevin Craig comes in. Kevin is the Assistant Vice President, Safety, Security and Investigations for Porzio Compliance Services, LLC. A retired New Jersey Police Chief, he has over 30 years of experience in public safety, emergency management, and school security. Kevin has conducted training, planning, and assessments for public and private schools, businesses, and faith-based institutions. He recently authored a book on school safety best practices.

Kevin joins host Chuck Randolph to discuss:

  • The current state of school safety programs
  • Where to start when implementing a school safety program and common blindspots
  • Who needs to be part of the behavioral threat assessment team