Making the Case to Fund Your Corporate Security Program


CPE Accredited

Despite being responsible for protecting businesses, funding challenges are
often a roadblock for corporate security teams. Join a panel of security experts
as they discuss how to fight the stigma that security is a cost center and help
key stakeholders understand that appropriate funding is vital to securing the
business's assets, employees, and bottom line.


In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn valuable insights including how to:

Sell What Matters

Determine how much security threats and vulnerabilities cost your business — and how it relates to the bottom line

Understand the Business

Know the ins and outs of your organization and how your security program supports each department

Counter Objections

Learn how to defend your security program budget when faced with resistance from internal stakeholders


Arian Avila

VP of Enterprise Safety and Security
Capital One

Eduardo Mills

Director of Security Risk Management

Bert Oliveira

Head of Physical Security and Investigations
Citizens Financial Group

Corey Vitello

Sr. Director of Safety and Security Strategy
Roku, Inc.

Chuck Randolph

Vice President of Security and Intelligence
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