Higher Education Security

Campus violence prevention and safety

Colleges and universities are facing an increasing number of threats, violent incidents and other troubling behavior. As campus security teams work to keep students, faculty, staff and visitors safe, they need a way to keep track of these incidents, conduct investigative research for timely warnings and annual security reports, and run behavioral threat assessments when needed — all while maintaining the culture of the institution.


Tools to create the safest possible learning and work environments


Training and guidance from experts

Ontic provides colleges and universities with training and guidance from SIGMA’s campus threat assessment experts, including the co-author of two leading books on campus threat assessment and management. Ontic’s experts have decades of direct experience assessing and managing thousands of threatening situations and have worked with colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Ontic’s SIGMA team provides training in best-practice procedures for campus threat assessment and management; program guidance for new and existing campus threat assessment teams; and, intervention assistance in developing threat management plans in high-risk situations.


Software for proactively assessing, managing and mitigating threats

The Ontic Platform helps colleges and universities to catalog and track threats and violent incidents. The platform’s Campus Threat Assessment Workflows guide users through best-practice threat assessment procedures to help users assess threatening situations and develop mitigation and intervention plans to reduce violence risk. Colleges and universities can choose from three campus threat assessment & management (TAM) workflows: (a) SIGMA’s threat assessment & management workflow, co-developed by Dr. Marisa Randazzo and her team from SIGMA Threat Management (now part of Ontic); (b) WAVR-21 developed by Dr. Stephen White and Dr. Reid Meloy; or, c) the institution’s own workflow, which Ontic can help integrate into the platform.


A must-have capability

Behavioral threat assessment (aka “threat assessment” or “threat assessment & management”) is recognized as the best available tool to handle threatening situations and prevent violence at colleges and universities. It is recommended for every US higher ed institution by an ANSI-approved American National Standard, and by multiple professional associations. It is even required by law for colleges and universities in Virginia, Illinois, and Connecticut.


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