Ontic Expands Investigative Research Solution for Deeper Intelligence Context and Wider Data Coverage

May 11, 2022

Addition of near real-time and historical data from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions bolsters security teams’ ability to make quick research-backed decisions and take action

Security and investigation teams piece together data from various research tools and data sources to try to gain a more comprehensive view of the multitude of threats facing their organization. This approach presents a host of challenges. Data and records monitoring is reactive, not proactive, and if an active threat is underway, historical data is less critical to the investigation. Collaboration is challenging with information dispersed across an organization or multiple systems, and reports can take hours to manually piece together and produce.

“Today, security teams are often using multiple tools to gather intelligence and data to gain a more complete picture of their threat landscape. With information coming from many sources, they risk missing critical data that can impact their organization’s safety, productivity and bottom line,” said Manish Mehta, chief product officer at Ontic. “By integrating the most critical data from leading providers, Ontic’s Investigative Research solution provides enterprises with one of the market’s most robust research capabilities integrated into a software-based protective intelligence platform.”

Ontic is integrating LexisNexis® Risk Solutions due diligence and investigative products into its platform to expand the capabilities of its Investigative Research Solution. This integration is available for existing clients leveraging LexisNexis Risk Solutions products and delivers access to near real-time and historical data, giving corporate security teams the ability to make research-backed decisions and take action earlier.

The Ontic Platform combines coverage of identity, financial, criminal activity, civil litigation, court records, location data, adverse media and global intelligence records. This provides security professionals a more complete dataset to proactively assess incoming threats and uncover important data surrounding entities, threat actors or suspicious individuals. Teams can increase efficiency and collaboration by streamlining research and conducting more thorough ongoing investigations.

Features of the Ontic Investigative Research Solution include:

  • Easy, near real-time searches incorporating LexisNexis Risk Solutions data accessed directly through the Ontic Platform
  • Current and historical public records data for ongoing access to updated data when something changes or new insights are identified
  • Connected case management workflows enabling organizations to conduct more thorough investigations, collaborate to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to mitigate threats

“LexisNexis Risk Solutions has a wealth of public and industry-specific data at our fingertips and we believe in the power of using that data to predict organizational risk and enhance operational efficiencies,” said Sean Britt, senior director market planning investigations, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “Our collaboration with Ontic puts this best-in-class data into the hands of the corporate teams that need it most, making business decisions easier and ultimately creating safer communities.”

Learn more about Ontic’s Investigative Research solution here.