Balancing Data, Leading By Experience


This article was originally featured in Security Magazine

Just over a decade ago, I got my first glimpse into how digital technology would significantly change the security industry. I was working with a Fortune 500 company as an embedded contractor, and my job was to build its protective intelligence program. A seemingly innocuous comment on social media directed toward the chief executive officer (CEO) kicked off an investigation that forced us to look at multiple threat intelligence feeds.

The result: our social media commentator was actually a mentally disturbed individual with a history of violence and appeared to hold a grudge against the company and its CEO. What made this issue more alarming was that this person had signed on to volunteer at a corporate event taking place just two weeks later — which would have granted the individual VIP access to the entire facility.

Today, the volume and diversity of datasets we can access are revolutionizing our industry. Data is giving security executives new ways to proactively monitor for and mitigate risk like never before. Proper access to and management of risk data is also enabling security leaders to confidently speak the broader language of business, communicate security’s impact on business continuity, and vie for a seat at the executive table. 

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