Connected Intelligence: A New Approach to Managing Risk and Enabling Decision-Makers

Ensuring the safety of people and organizations is dynamic, asymmetric, and complex. A sense of permacrisis has driven a need for those tasked with managing risks to constantly perceive imperatives amongst the unyielding view of threat, risk, and problematic issues.

Ontic championed the cause of Protective Intelligence and its concepts for collecting and providing information to furnish the best threat picture to “those who protect.” Protective Intelligence brought us out of our analog processes, embracing technology and its ability to enhance our efforts with more significant detection and management of threat signals.

Risks constantly evolve and often intersect without warning, hindering our capacity to perceive, control, and respond with clarity. Unnecessary silos, overly rigid protocols, and organizational biases dull our awareness, creating vulnerabilities and avenues for threats. As hazards transform and seek openings in our defenses, we must simultaneously advance, nurturing our personnel, refining our processes, and upgrading our technology. We must continuously monitor the tumult, manage the dangers, and facilitate decisive action. Our imperative is to establish connections throughout our organizations, focusing on a unified framework that enables communication vision and empowers stakeholders’ decision-making abilities – at Ontic, we call this Connected Intelligence.

Connected Intelligence resonates with the contemporary need to adapt our intelligence and security plans. While Protective Intelligence is crucial in mitigating immediate threats, this organizational strategy harnesses the power of interconnected information, offering a comprehensive view of threats and vulnerabilities across the entire spectrum. This transformation empowers organizations to strengthen defenses, promote collaboration, and establish robust protection against emerging threats. 

Ontic’s commitment to “provide intelligence to those who protect” is core to our mission and vision. The evolution of this mantra and our pledge to our clients demands we consider the expansion of the concept of Protective Intelligence, and while it will always remain the first line of effort within, the concepts of Connected Intelligence allow us to increase the conversation, enabling both informants and decision-makers to keep people, and organizations secure.

Through The Ontic Center for Connected Intelligence, we will explore the concepts and strategies regarding the intersection of information, risk mitigation, and leadership. By empowering people through strengthened networks, education, and discourse, we will encourage security teams to harness the power of Connected Intelligence and enable decision-makers.

Within The Ontic Center for Connected Intelligence, our primary mission is to explore the concepts and strategies at the convergence of information, risk mitigation, and leadership, all with the ultimate objective of safeguarding our most valuable assets. By empowering individuals through strengthened networks, education, and discourse, we seek to inspire security teams to harness Connected Intelligence’s power and enable decision-makers to protect our critical assets effectively.

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