Growth, Progress and Future Hope: Ontic Raises Series A


Today Ontic announced our Series A financing in what is admittedly an interesting time to announce a round of funding. In the midst of what for some has meant sickness, uncertainty and financial distress, we’re announcing growth, progress and future hope. We appreciate the moment we are in, and we’re doing our best to be part of the solution. If you’d like to read more about the raise, feel free to check out our news.

To Ontic employees, consultants, advisors and directors…

I am grateful for all you have done to enable Ontic to grow from nothing to what we have today in a very short amount of time. The product we have built, and the speed and proficiency of the use cases we have delivered in a space that existed without a solution like ours is nothing short of incredible. We can be proud, but we’re restless to do more. The relationships we have developed with some of the most incredible humans I’ve had the privilege to know, are built on trust, empathy and respect. You’ve all done a great job of leading with empathy, helping our clients find success and managing an endless effort with class. As we go forward, who we are is going to shine even more than what we do — and that’s a tall order because you each do so much! With this round of funding, we’ll add even more support to the team so you can get even better at the work you do. You’ll have more support to ensure we’re able to deliver exceptional experiences in product and service.

To our clients…

We exist to serve you intelligence so that you can do the important work of protecting your people. You probably work with Ontic because you believe what we believe — that a proactive approach to safety and security helps prevent bad things from happening and there has to be a better, more efficient way to do what you do every day. You’ve seen our product grow to support your needs, you’ve seen your needs grow and change and you’ve seen your peers choose Ontic to be a part of their protective operations. We commit to you that we will continue to innovate and bring you with us. We challenge you to innovate as well and bring us with you. Push us to do more and be better especially as we approach uncharted territory ahead. With this funding, you’ll see an acceleration of our roadmap, you’ll see us harden our core product, and drive into adjacent solutions in order to ensure we’re doing what we promised you we would do — serve you the intelligence you require to keep people safe.

A better future

As Ontic continues to grow and take shape as a company, we like to remind each other that it’s about the journey, not the destination. We’re having more fun than we ever have doing what we do every single day while feeling productive and proud. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well and it’s not easy, but it sure is rewarding and the best way to do it.

Even when our present realities aren’t exactly the way we’d have them, here’s to today — day after day. We don’t just hope for some better future, we strive to make that future better because of what we choose to do today.