How Security Teams Have Expanded Their Duties

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This article was originally featured on IFSEC Global

Regarding gigabytes, physical security units are partnering with cyber security teams to manage the protection of highly valued assets, such as intellectual property. Many cyber security standards, including Payment Card Industry (PCI), have physical security components.

But the convergence of physical and cyber security goes well beyond that. Often with backgrounds in law enforcement or the military, physical security teams are uniquely qualified to manage and monitor insider threats utilising their existing case management skills. Expanded responsibilities have teams collaborating with human resources teams and social media specialists to gather openly available intelligence and plan mitigation strategies; where they have not traditionally done so.

While the Spanish flu made its US debut in 1918 and the bird flu had organisations considering continuity issues in 2015, it was the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that had the most lasting effects, adding the ‘germs’ to a traditional 3G security risk portfolio.

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