Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast Playlist: Corporate Security


From corporate security leaders to the General Counsel of a Fortune 10 company, the Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast with Fred Burton spotlights the many facets of enterprise security programs. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our top episodes focused on the field of corporate security. Give them a listen to gain unique points of view from some of the greatest minds in protective intelligence.

Preventing the Next Attack: Implications of Returning to In-Person Activity
Given the uptick in tragic events in 2021 and the return to in-person activity, Dr. Jillian Peterson, President and Co-Founder of The Violence Project acknowledges patterns in activity and provides advice for what businesses can do moving forward to catch signs earlier and offer help to those who need it — before it’s too late.

When Seconds Matter: How Active Shooter Training Saves Lives
John Curnutt, Assistant Director and Hunter Martaindale, Ph.D., Director of Research at the ALERRT Center at Texas State shares how important it is to instill a culture of preparedness (vs. fear) in organizations.

How the U.S. Capitol Riots Forever Changed the Value of a Proactive Security Approach
Marisa Randazzo, Executive Director for the Ontic Center of Excellence, shares how the U.S. Capitol riots forever impacted physical security and highlights the learnings corporations should take from this protective intelligence failure.

A Conversation with Keith White (Protective Intelligence Honors Pioneer)
Keith White, SVP, Chief Global Safety and Security Officer at Salesforce defines what it means to pave the way for others in the protection industry and discusses with Fred the importance of ensuring corporate security teams are diverse.

A Leading Research Analyst’s View on the Transformation of Digital Intelligence
Physical security is experiencing the largest transformation in decades with digital intelligence disrupting nearly every facet. Danielle VanZandt, Industry Analyst on the Security research team at Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research firm chats with Manish Mehta, Chief Product Officer at Ontic about the future of the industry and the importance of cyber-physical convergence within corporations.

Investigative Journalist Spotlights Failure in Supply Chain Security
Jason Dearen, investigative journalist, discusses his most recent book documenting the worst contaminated drug crisis in U.S. history. He also exposes a potentially larger issue around the nature of global threats we’re seeing today — specifically about supply chain distribution.

Seeing Around Corners with Walmart’s Former General Counsel
Tom Mars, Former General Counsel of Walmart and Ontic Advisory Board Member, discusses the integral role that corporate security plays in helping companies reduce liability. He also reminds us that there is an art and a science to corporate liability, and the art taught him many unforgettable lessons in leadership around humility and self awareness.

Sit back, relax and listen to an episode (or seven) when you’re able to step back from your duty of protecting others. A new episode comes out every other week, so be sure to subscribe through Apple Podcasts.