Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast Playlist: Executive Protection


The Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast with Fred Burton is dedicated to providing you with distinctive dialogue that allows you to discover new ways of staying one step ahead as you work to keep your principals safe. Check out some of our top episodes curated for executive protection professionals.

How the Kidnapping of Exxon’s President Forever Changed Executive Protection
Philip Jett discusses the kidnapping and subsequent investigation behind the disappearance of Sidney Reso, President of Exxon International. The details of what unfolded on this seemingly routine morning and continued over the course of two months is unimaginable — from the coins needed for the hundreds of payphone calls, to the 12 ransom notes, to the logistics behind carrying 400 pounds of cash.

The Risk Profile and Motivation Behind Fully Armored Vehicle
Mark Caldwell is Co-Owner of TAC Americas, Ltd., a market leader for manufacturing armored cars, trucks, SUVs, and other specialty vehicles. He discusses both the technical aspects of armoring and caring for a fully armored vehicle (FAV), as well as what motivates an individual to seek this heightened level of protection.

Chuck Randolph on the Evolution of Technology in Executive Protection
Charles (Chuck) Randolph is the Senior Director of Operations and Intelligence for AT Risk International. He shares his views on the convergence of technology in the executive protection space, the concept of “edge risk,” and the impact of COVID on the industry.

What Makes Someone Predisposed to Stalking and the Shifting Threat Landscape With Dr. Reid Meloy
Dr. Reid Meloy, forensic psychologist, author, and co-founder of WAVR-21, has made it a key part of his mission to detect threats so we can prevent the next attack. He discusses what causes people to fixate on public figures, celebrities, and CEOs.

Former CIA Special Agent Shares Perspective on the Timeless Practice of Executive Protection
Mike Trott, former CIA special agent and international security expert, discusses the parallels between CIA operations and those of the private sector. He also shares valuable information to aspiring executive protection professionals regarding areas of specialization and industry stability.

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