Proving the Value of Security: How to Avoid the ‘Break Glass Now’ Label

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This article was originally featured on Total Security Advisor

Keeping employees healthy and safe and property secure is crucial, especially in light of the current geopolitical landscape, ongoing issues stemming from the most recent pandemic, and the tragic events in Highland Park, Uvalde, Buffalo, Tulsa, and many more cities. In a seemingly non-stop threat environment, corporate security teams must focus on highlighting the value of their efforts, despite difficulties in doing so. Business leaders must move away from discussing the function of security in the context of a cost center— but see them as a risk mitigation multiplier, securing critical organizational assets such as facilities, IP, and most importantly, people.

Changing how executives view a security organization makes it challenging for risk leaders to earn approval for advanced initiatives that can proactively protect their organization. According to Ontic’s Mid-Year State of Protective Intelligence Report, nearly two-thirds of those polled indicated their company received or investigated at least one threat weekly, and likely more. Further, while organizational leaders believe they are adequately trained in threat assessment, a majority expect to miss up to half the threats at their company in the next six months due to the volume of threats, lack of data sharing, and poor communication, among other reasons.

In order to start working through those issues (such as creating clarity around risk and collaborative efforts in managing threats), security teams can also underscore the ancillary benefits they provide their organization. While some may view this as daunting, here are some ways to approach this worthwhile endeavor.

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