Silos Are the Enemy of Managing Security Risks, Keeping People Safe


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This has been a watershed year for security. Hundreds of mass shootings across the United States, brutal attacks on public officials, and an increasingly complex threat landscape are compelling companies to sharpen their focus when it comes to security procedures and policies.

Enterprise security teams are on the frontlines of these efforts and face many challenges—among the most daunting obstacles is siloing within their organization. This is a detrimental breakdown in process that has the potential to limit security teams in terms of data intelligence, resources, and taking action, among others.

Effective Communication Minimizes Corporate Risk 

Silos can prevent companies from keeping their people and assets safe and diminish the effectiveness of a risk mitigation and management strategy. Different departments within a company are often tracking the same risks. But because they are operating in silos and don’t communicate across functions, they are typically not aware of these redundant efforts resulting in resources and intelligence that could make a big impact when it comes to proactively identifying and mitigating threats not being shared.

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