On the Intelligence Autobahn: Riding Toward the Future of Security


This podcast was originally featured on The Great Conversation

“It was staring us in the face, but we just couldn’t see it.”

This is the conundrum many face when it comes to navigating risk and opportunity. Many things conspire to keep us from seeing and seizing the opportunity. Organizational silos. Fear of change. Cost vs. Return on the Opportunity (different than ROI).

Ron Worman listened in to a powerful story of navigating risk and opportunity by Ontic’s Chief Product Officer, Manish Mehta at the 2022 Ontic Summit. He followed up with him on the Great Conversation Podcast around the opportunity that is gradually being “seen” and deployed by leaders in the risk, resilience, and security industry.

Listen in, connect the dots, and enjoy the ride along the new, interconnected, intelligence highway.

Manish has over 25 years of market leadership in software development, In his role as Chief Product Officer, he is the principal evangelist linking customers, partners and product development teams together in a highly collaborative and strategic web of innovation.