The Chief Legal Officer’s Strategic Partner: Security


This podcast was originally featured on The Great Conversation.

At the 2022 Ontic Summit, the theme of “widening the aperture” of security was discussed at large. Not only was it the main focus of CEO Lukas Quanstrom’s keynote, but the topic was touched on in many breakout sessions as well. Founder and Managing Director of the Great Conversation, Ron Worman, was in attendance and had the opportunity of meeting with HR, CISOs, CSOs, CCOs, and CLOs. He was also preparing to facilitate a discussion around uniting Legal and Security at the Summit so beforehand, he decided to meet with Ontic’s CLO.

Scott Shepherd has a unique background.  Prior to Ontic, he was the CLO at Khoros and the VP of Legal at Spredfast. Prior to Spredfast, he was a General Counsel, law firm partner, and USMC Lieutenant Colonel. His educational background spans public policy, political science, and law.

Ron was interested in the 2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report that was surveyed across these leadership disciplines and how it would apply to the CLO function. He sits down with Scott in this episode to discuss his experience and learnings from the industry and the report.