The Tail Wagging the Dog

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This podcast was originally featured on The Great Conversation

CEOs manage risk and opportunity. How well they do that determines their path to value.

So, who should be at the table helping the C-level team navigate risk and opportunity? What data should be collected, organized, analyzed, and communicated? How should it be contextualized to meet the needs of each departmental function? (HR, Legal, Finance, Operations, etc.).

Once these questions are answered you suddenly realize that the success of the next generation risk, resilience, and security leader will depend on their ability to grasp how the digital transformation is positioning them for a strategic role in the organizational outcomes of the business. The tail (Security) may be wagging the dog (The Business) very soon… a paradigm shift.

Ron Worman had a great conversation with Ontic founders, Lukas Quanstrom and Tom Kopecky, that have recently articulated this vision and is actively creating a community of like-minded leaders across the ecosystem.